Nas – Pre Illmatic Demo Tape

Before Nas dropped the classic Illmatic, he made this demo tape, which is also mixed with other of his first tracks.

The most amazing trait of this mixtape is that something this incredible was made by a kid from the projects, with nothing but hunger, drive, love, and passion for hip hop.

This tape is raw and the mixtape is available for your listening pleasure and download at the link at the bottom.

Nas Tape

1)  Understanding

2)  Life Is Like A Dice Game

3)  Just Another Day  In The Projects

4)  De Ja Vu

5)  Back To The Grill feat MC Serch

6)  Everything Is Real

7)  I’m A Villian

8)  Number One With A Bullet feat Kool G Rap

9)  Nas Will Prevail

Nas Will Prevail Original (Link)

10)  On The Real (Original)

11)  Live At The BBQ




  1. Thanks for whoever found this!!!!!!

  2. Luis Pardo says:

    I never knew he had a mixtape out, i knew about all the illmatic songs that were left off the orginal album, but did not know about this thanks!

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